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Whether you’re managing a race with a few hundred participants or thousands, Kimbia Racing’s registration tools give you the ability to design and manage a unique participant experience that differentiates your event and your brand from the competition.

Participant Experience – Do It Your Way

Provide an unparalleled participant experience, beginning with easy and intuitive online registration. Kimbia Racing registration forms are placed directly on your website making it faster and easier for participants to complete their registration. Also, registration can be left open until the last minute or even completed onsite via a laptop or tablet to maximize participation. On race day, participants fly through the check-in process eliminating paperwork and long lines.

Brand Recognition – It’s All About You

Build your brand – every aspect of our solution is branded to promote your business and your events – not ours. Participants are never confused by being re-directed to another company’s website or giving their money to another organization. Every step of the Kimbia Racing registration process from website, social media, mobile forms, confirmation receipts, check-in and financial transactions on participant credit card statements is branded for your event.

Internationalization – Go Global

Expand your brand internationally. Don’t let your current system be a roadblock to growth. Our internationalization and multi-currency capabilities enable you to display registration forms in the local language and collect registration fees in the local currency. A flexible, distributed merchant account system enables you to decide whether fees flow to the United States, stay in country or a combination of both.

Participant Data – You’re In Control

Your participant list is valuable. Why give it away for free to others? Unlike other race management solutions, with Kimbia Racing you control how and when your participant data is used for marketing. Participants are never spammed like they can be in other races. Immediate access to your unrestricted data enables your team to make better informed business decisions and provide better customer service for your participants.

Positive Cash Flow – It’s Your Money

Never wait for your funds again. Registration fees are delivered to your bank account each night so you always have the funds available to pay vendors before the event. Kimbia Racing has the highest level of data security available through the Payment Card Industry, PCI Level 1, ensuring that all your participant data is protected throughout the entire registration process.

Fundraising – Help the Local Community

Turn race participants into successful fundraisers with simple tools that allow them to reach out to their friends, family and colleagues to raise money for your cause and the community. With Kimbia Racing, participants have immediate access to a comprehensive fundraising platform to create personal fundraising pages complete with photos, personal statement and goals.

Easy Integration – Works with Your Existing Tools

Get more out of your current investments and avoid vendor lock-in. Kimbia Racing’s race registration and management tools integrate with any existing technology or fundraising platform you already have in place, enabling you to easily adopt the best solutions available for your business.

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